So Singapore

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This application is for entertainment purposes, to compile everything fun about Singapore.

From cultures to habits, sounds to language. Get to know these interesting stuff or see if you know


100+ Quotes. 100+Facts. Sounds. Singlish. 1 App. So Singapore!

*Over 100+ things which are So Singaporean!
*Over 100+ facts in Singapore! Did you know?
*Hear the common Sounds@SG!
*Know Singlish! with the common used phrases!

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For suggestions or feedback about the application, reply via the comment section below or drop us an e-mail at

Enjoy and Have Fun!


Disclaimer: The contents of the application are in no way representing or directing the majority of any individual or group in any manner. Any resemblance in any form is purely coincidental. May contain contents from sources which credits belongs to their respective owners and may vary in accuracy at user’s discretion.

Thank you.


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